Terror on Halloween

While everyone is celebrating Halloween in America by Trick or Treating or dressing up as their scariest character there were thousands in China working in the real terror labor conditions. CNN broke this story of Mr. Zhang in the Masanjia labor camp in northeastern China. Zhang claims to have been arrested and detained during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The conditions he described included beatings, sleep deprivation and torture. His only was to get away from the pain was to make products that were being sold to unsuspecting Americans a world away. Zhang, a college graduate, would systematically write SOS letters and include them in the products he was making.

SOS on the way 

He finally was successful in getting his message through via a “Totally Ghoul” decoration piece meant for Halloween. Zhang’s saving grace? A family in Portland, Oregon. They received the letter in the mail and turned it over to the proper authorities..

Jaded to Reality

This brings back a reality we as a whole try and forget. There are many living around the world that are subjected to a subpar conditions that would astound people that saw it. This is just a taste of some of what is wrong. I have no clue on how to even try and fix it, but being knowledgeable about the situation helps bring some sort of awareness around the terrors that Americans have the luxury of living without.

Source: http://www.CNN.com

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