Hail Mary? – Nebraska’s Prayers Answered

Unbelievable to Believable

Facing a 4 and 15 against Northwestern with less than a minute left, Nebraska looked like it was plummeting to a 5-3 record with the Michigan Wolverines lurking up next. With a third string walk on quarterback behind center, converting the 4th down looked nearly impossible.  Then Ron Kellogg III miraculously hit Ameer Abdullah out of the backfield for 12 yards, who muscled through three defenders for the final 4 yards to pick up the crucial first down. This set up the play that turned Memorial Stadium into bedlam on the game’s final play. Kellogg launched a 55-yard pass into the end zone that was tipped up by a Northwestern and caught by Jordan Westercamp with no time remaining. A storybook type ending to a game where no one believed could happen.

Happy With the Win?

After all the hysteria disappeared from the stadium, there is a question that needs to be answered. Should Nebraska fans be happy to beat a 4-4 team who had lost their last four games on a Hail Mary, or disappointed in having to beat a 4-4 team who had lost their last four games on a Hail Mary? You have to take the win, but after all the celebration it kind of has to sting. It took all 60 minutes to pull out a win against a supposedly inferior opponent. Where does this send the team? Do they ride the emotion and run the rest of the table? Or does the defense continue to get gashed? Not really sure anyone knows for sure, but for Bo Pelini and Co. they sure hope this launches the team back to being a top team in the B1G.


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