Bloody Uniforms or Great Charitable Idea?

The new alternative jerseys that the Northwestern Wildcats will be wearing on Saturday are causing some uproar around the nation, as CNN points out. They have an American flag look and feel featured on them.  The jerseys are being worn in honor for the Wounded Warrior Project, which was founded by veterans to help other veterans that have been wounded in action. After the game they will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and according to Under Armor they could fetch upwards of $100,000. Seems like a great idea doesn’t it?

uniformsMany think the jersey makers went too far with the design. They have an interesting addition to the flag on them. It looks like the flag is blood stained. You can see why people are in an outcry about the design of the gloves. As CNN pointed out, there is also the same kind of pattern on the stars side in blue, but still it isn’t as visible as the red. Under Armor defends the design by saying it was supposed to be a “worn” look.

Personally I like the design and think this is an awesome idea for the team to do. I think more teams should have jerseys specific to the United States of America and auction them off after they are worn. Think of all the money that could be raised for great programs like the Wounded Warrior Project.

Source: Image: Lost Letterman


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